Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party – Redhot Style

Oh how I love fall… the crisp air, the sweaters and boots, the stores stocked with candy and scary costumes…. the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks! My favorite of all though has to be carving pumpkins. This love affair with pumpkins started early in my life, stems from my childhood growing up in an extreme Christian home and my mother was anti-Halloween. The only thing my mother would let me  and my sister do to participate was hand out candy, which we had to beg to even do that. But the one thing that I drove her nuts about most was to carve a pumpkin. I would plan my design out way in advance, scouring the stores for The. Perfect. Pumpkin. Then I would take that bad boy home and create my masterpiece. I don’t know what it is about that plump orange vegetable but it has won my heart through and through.

Vampire Girl

I have since passed this tradition on to my daughter. Let me tell you she is one talented pumpkin-carving-girl! Now unlike my mother, we do celebrate Halloween I put my foot down straight off the bat.For my daughters first Halloween she was Tinkerbell, the oohs and ahhs, she was adorable! Now of course he costumes have become more creative… yes Killer Vampire Cheerleader lol. I on the other hand have been boring the last couple Halloweens and haven’t dressed up, next year it is on though!

Tuesday last week my husband, my daughter and I visited Tate Farm in Huntville and picked out pumpkins. This was the first time I have visited there (had a Groupon) and I really liked it. So many different types of pumpkins and every size you can imagine. Between the three of us we left with six pumpkins. We got an aweome white one, one covered in bumps, a green and orange striped one, a 50 lbs orange one, and a few of your standard pumpkins.

Sunday was our annual pumpkin carving party, we opened the garaged and started the pumpkin butchering. So much pumpkin guts…. buckets and buckets! Here is what we ended up with 🙂

This was my pumpkin… went with a sugar skull. My wonderful husband bought me a pumpkin carving Dremel so that came in handy!

Sugar Skull Pumpkin         Sugar Skull Pumpkin

This is my daughter’s pumpkin….. can I say wow! Turned out awesome. Can you tell what it is? Popular television show…. is on AMC….. Yes it is the first zombie Rick sees on Walking Dead. She used a orange and green striped pumpkin and it really added to the overall effect.

Zombie PumpkinZombie Pumpkin

Zombie Pumpkin

Here are my husbands awesome pumpkins! He was a prolific artist this year and carved 3! His are always whimsical and fun. He would say he isn’t an artist like me and Tasha but I would have to disagree. I think they look awesome!

Cannibal PumpkinCannibal Pumpkin Lit

Cannibal PumpkinCannibal Pumpkin Lit

Happy Halloween Everybody!!!!

What are your Halloween traditions?

Do you like to carve pumpkins as well?

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