I’m All Out Of Love For The Sweet November Rain…

Tonight we have a guest blogger… my husband a.k.a. Dan Martin a.k.a. TheTallCool1. Take it away baby! I’m not a music snob, but music has always played a big part in shaping my life. I’m the youngest of 5, and my parents grew up in the 30s and 40s, so the different musical styles, genres,

Nothing Quite Like An Unexpected Gift

   Coming home from work today I got a wonderful surprise. My sister signed me up for gift subscription to Turntable Kitchen! I had never heard of them before so felt I needed to share it with everyone. Turntable Kitchen is a subscription box service that is connecting food and music. They send you a

August Blogging Challenge 5 Day Check-In

Day five of my self-proclaimed August blogging challenge is upon me. And so far so good. I still need to work on setting up some kind of a blogging schedule. I can be a tad bit OCD in my organization and not having a plan for my posts is hard. I just don’t want it so

10 Awesome Free Stock Image Sites for For Use in Your Blog Posts

Never underestimate the power of a good image to catch your viewer’s eye! Some bloggers like to use images that they take themselves. They don’t have to worry about copyright issues or the cost, stock images can be pretty pricey. Plus using your own can have a more personal feel. I actually prefer to use a

Review of the Little Moments App

I am so tired from this weekend so this is going to be a short and sweet post 🙂 I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am an app junkie! I love getting new apps and trying them out, especially iPhone photography

Attention Alabama Brides

Wedding are beautiful. Weddings are romantic. Wedding fill you with joy. Weddings should not make you sweat to the point of passing out. I happen to live in the wonderful state of Alabama. Alabama the beautiful! A place that is green and sunny and lots of outdoor splendor but I also live in a state where certain parts

My Personal Blogging Challenge

I know I may not always show it but I love to blog. I am horrible about setting time aside to do it… but I love it. It is a wonderful way to get my feeling and thoughts out and to de-stress myself. And believe me my life needs de-stressing! I found myself inspired by

The Worst Phone Call of Your Life

The last couples days have been a bit emotional for me. Like many of you I have been watching the events unfolding from the mass killings of UCSB students in the community of Isla Vista. There have been quite a few shootings that have taken place the last few years and all have been gut

A New Year of Change

This past year has been CRAAAAAZY! So much has happened in the last 365 days and everything that I had known as my “LIFE” this time last year has changed. I live in a new house in a new city. I have a new job and have already received a new promotion. I have new friends