Watching the Sun Rise

I have not been a good wanna-be-athelete the last few weeks… not even a little bit. I have had every intention of going out walking each morning but with the weather and staying up way too late and every other reason I can come up with, it has not happened… Today though my alarm went

Roles of Friendships

Starting this blog has been quite an interesting journey. I learn something new everyday and I have meet some extremely interesting people, people that I would consider friends. I love reading their blogs and reading ever tweet they post (some of you all talk a lot!). It got me thinking about how the roles of

In The Blink of an Eye

My daughter just left for her first day of school as a senior in high school. I can’t help but feel a little sad to see her go.  I don’t feel old enough to be a mother of a senior but even more hard to believe is the fact that she isn’t my little baby

Week 2 – In Review

This past week went pretty well. I stayed consistent in some areas but still need a lot of work in others. I went down .4 lbs which is still a lose and I will gladly take it. I was also voted a Spark People motivator! Yay! by my fellow Spark members and I can’t tell

Art Happenings

I have been so busy lately working on things for other people, it seems like I have had no time to work on stuff for myself… including my blog! I wanted to post some of my art though. Here are a few of my favorite art pieces that I have created. “The Flasher”  

Self-Esteem: The Constant Struggle

I can only think of a maybe a handful of times that words have really cut me to the core in my life. Where I was struck completely speechless and stunned, as the person verbally assaulting me continued to speak on and on, that I couldn’t even defend myself. It’s this odd feeling of are they

Making Healthy Choices

This has been a really strange year so far. I started off about 40 lbs. lighter than I am now. It has been a real struggle to get a handle on my health since having 5 hand surgeries this past year. I have also had a job change where I went from moving around all

So, So Much To Do!

I know I am a graphic and web designer and this should take me no time at all to create this blog but I decided to expand my knowledge and instead of creating this site through Joomla!, I am creating this one in WordPress. So far I am liking the set up, it just takes