My name is Jessica Martin a.k.a. Redhot Writing Hood. I am new to the incredible world of blogging, but I can tell you I am already hooked. I have met some amazing new friends and I look forward to making even more.

I am a newly remarried mom of a teenager and life is good, busy… but good . I am a graphic designer in the wonderful city of Birmingham, Alabama and if it involves creativity and trying something new I am all over it.

I don’t have a set niche for my blog, I plan to write about what ever moves me. I also haven’t planned on making a schedule either. This may change as I go along, but I just can’t image that you want to see me ramble on about something just so I can make sure I post everyday. You will also find that my grammar can be atrocious…. I apologize in advance. Feel free to message me any corrections you find and I will feel free to ignore it 🙂

I am a proud member and supporter of the following organizations:

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