Turning Up the Volume for November

I am turning up the volume for November!The Fall/Winter is always a crazy time for my family and I. It is a non-stop lineup of birthdays, parties and holidays. It normally goes by in a complete delicious blur. Even though it is crazy, it still is a wonderful time and my favorite of the year.It is going to be a busy month already, but I decided to throw a few more thin[...]

Hyperlapse by Instagram

My Review of Hyperlapse App From Instagram

  My New Favorite Toy! Hyperlapse! A new app released from the ever popular Instagram, it was launched 3 days ago and it appears to be getting rave reviews. I downloaded it yesterday and am really enjoyed it. Its so easy to use and it works just like your iPhone camera. Once you have recorded the video it lets you choose the time-lapse speed that loo[...]

IPhone App I Can't Live WIthout

Phone Apps You Can’t Live Without

We take for granted all of the wonderful things technology does for us. How much it has changed since we were younger and how fast it changes even now. I can remember when they started adding cameras to cell phones and thinking to myself why would I need my phone to take pictures? Of course back then the images were terrible and were not really worth it. Now thou[...]

Alaskan Iceberg

Wordless Wednesday: The Alaska Edition

The below is a slideshow. Please wait for images to shuffle. All pictures were taken by my family while living or visiting Alaska. Travel Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Vacations[...]