The Worst Phone Call of Your Life

The last couples days have been a bit emotional for me. Like many of you I have been watching the events unfolding from the mass killings of UCSB students in the community of Isla Vista. There have been quite a few shootings that have taken place the last few years and all have been gut

A New Year of Change

This past year has been CRAAAAAZY! So much has happened in the last 365 days and everything that I had known as my “LIFE” this time last year has changed. I live in a new house in a new city. I have a new job and have already received a new promotion. I have new friends

Thankful for You

It’s Thanksgiving Day and I am thankful for a lot of things… My life is not perfect, sometimes far from it. We have money issues and stress at work, we fight from time to time and say things we shouldn’t but I wouldn’t trade my family or my life for anything. They make it easier

It’s That Time Of Year Again…

It is that time of year again… that time when in front of everyone I know and love I said I do to my best friend. Now I will whole-heartedly admit that this year it snuck up on me. Give me a little bit of a break though, it has been a crazy year. New

Declaration of My Intent to Get My Butt in Gear

I am starting a new checks and balances plan for my life. I am in desperate need of it and nothing else seems to really be sticking so it is now time for some major booty kickin’.  I will start with fitness but I plan to take this and move it to all areas of

Crawling from the Depths of a Major Life Change

It has been such a long time since I have made a blog post and for once I can say that it was for a good reason. Just about everything in my life has now changed and hopefully all for the positive. It started off feeling like my world was turning upside down and I had

Goodreads and I Joined a Book Club!

I’ve joined a book club…. yep and I am going to actually read them all too! I don’t know if you have checked out Goodreads before but it is the best book and reading site on the web, at least according to my opinion. Their mobile apps are pretty awesome as well. I have never

New Orlean’s Why I Love You…

One of Our Favorite Cities to Visit New Orleans, Louisiana! The sites, the sounds, the food…. the drinks! It makes this unique place a destination not to miss. I do have friends who live close by so it is always nice to visit with her and her family. We try to make the trip at least

Number 6

Wordless Wednesday Number 6 Image taken with: iPhone 4s Editing Apps used: Photoshop Express (Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation) Tangled FX (The Light Side) This is a replica of the “Number 6″ doll from the Tim Burton film “9″ that my daughter had made by a local artist for my last birthday. I found this really cool app

Spring Has Sprung

Wordless Wednesday   Spring has Sprung Image taken with: iPhone 4s Editing Apps used: Photoshop Express (Brightness/Contrast, Hue/Saturation) Snapseed (Drama – Drama1, 90%)