Where the Heck Is Redhotwritinghood??

Can it seriously be that I haven’t written a new blog post since September? What happened?!? I am rather PO’ed at myself for letting that much time go by. The truth is, time flies by too quickly and good intentions can get cast to the side so easily. I really have thought about my blog; posts

A Lazy Saturday Just Spending Time Slowing Down

It is now the middle of September and the week off after the August Blogging Challenge has turned into 2 weeks off. I have missed writing posts but I really needed the time off for my personal life, I have a little bit of an issue with overworking myself. I went out and had a

August Blogging Challenge Day 31- End of the Challenge!

Its DAY 31 and I have reached the end of my personal August Blogging Challenge. I can’t believe I made it through the entire challenge. I was late on one day’s post but I still managed to post every day. I really feel like this challenge was a huge success. Making myself write everyday was a

Out Dancing To The Beat

Had a great time at the Neon Electric Dance Party tonight at Bottletree in Birmingham, Alabama. It is an amazing group of local Veejays and DJs who perform their butts off to let everyone have a great time. Tonight they were simul-casting their radio show on Birmingham Mountain Radio and the house was packed. My

My Review of Hyperlapse App From Instagram

  My New Favorite Toy! Hyperlapse! A new app released from the ever popular Instagram, it was launched 3 days ago and it appears to be getting rave reviews. I downloaded it yesterday and am really enjoyed it. Its so easy to use and it works just like your iPhone camera. Once you have recorded

A Little Throwback Thursday! The Musical 90s Edition

The company I work for is launching their social media campaign tomorrow morning so I spent the entire day today running around like a crazy person creating profile and cover images in every size imaginable. I can only imagine what tomorrow morning is going to be like. I am too exhausted to write, all I need

My Other Favorite Apple Products

Here in the Birmingham area Beer is king. There are so many local breweries with more popping up all the time. I have been trying to get a taste for beer but I am not quite there yet. I am not a fan of bitter flavors and that seems to be the main ingredient in

August Blogging Challenge Day 25 Check-In

DAY 25 AUGUST BLOGGING CHALLENGE I have reached day 25! I am almost to the end of my personal August blogging challenge. I have actually really enjoyed it. I’m finding it easier to write my posts. I still haven’t learned to write at a descent hour though… I can’t believe that I have less than a week

I Have A New Career Option If I Ever Need It

Today I spent the day learning something new. Dog Grooming! I have an 8-year-old yorkie poo who has always hated to go to the groomers. She panics, gets frantic and I will admit I have had groomers tell me she is hard to handle. She is the sweetest dog ever and doesn’t have a mean bone