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Blogging is About Self-Expression

I am taking a Blogging 101 class through Wordpress and the assignment today is for me to check out other Blogger 101 writer's posts and to use one as inspiration for a post of my own. I must say there are some majorly talented writers in the group, which makes me so happy to see! The post that I chose is The Tenacious, Courageous Writer by dsmcknight. Suc[...]


The Traveler’s Notebook: My New Addiction

I may have found my new addiction. It has all the red flags of a paycheck drain, gorgeous leather (oh how I love the smell of leather), amazing beautiful colored paper, little inserts that are nothing but blank canvases begging to be drawn and written upon, every kind of gizmo and gadget you could ever need to customize it for even the most advanced organizer (hem[...]

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

A Lazy Saturday Just Spending Time Slowing Down

It is now the middle of September and the week off after the August Blogging Challenge has turned into 2 weeks off. I have missed writing posts but I really needed the time off for my personal life, I have a little bit of an issue with overworking myself. I went out and had a little fun with my husband and my daughter and caught up with some dear friends. Nothing lik[...]

Neon Electric

Out Dancing To The Beat

Had a great time at the Neon Electric Dance Party tonight at Bottletree in Birmingham, Alabama. It is an amazing group of local Veejays and DJs who perform their butts off to let everyone have a great time. Tonight they were simul-casting their radio show on Birmingham Mountain Radio and the house was packed. My husband  and I went and thoroughly enjoyed ourselve[...]

Colored Pencils

Inspiring Creativity

I feel the need for a little inspiration today. Sometimes I get so lost in the day-to-day that I need a moment to escape and daydream. This post is to inspire me and to hopefully inspire you as well. Creativity I have no name Until you name me. I have no form Until you shape me. I don’t exist Until you make me, I am creativity. I am waiting deep in[...]

Robin Williams

O Captain, My Captain

I was so saddened  to hear about the death of Robin Williams yesterday. He was an amazing talent and will be greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Depression effects not only the person experiencing it but their family and friends as well. It shows that you can't always tell by looking at someone what they are experiencing on the inside. Som[...]

Day 10 August Blogging Challenge
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August Blogging Challenge 10 11 Day Check-In

Day 10 I mean 11 of my self-proclaimed August blogging challenge is here. I meant to do an update in yesterday's post and it completely slipped my mind. As I said in my previous post, I need to get organized! I am still trying to set up some kind of a blogging schedule. I think once this month is over I will not be blogging on a daily basis. I would like[...]

Time Management

Great Organization Tips for Work and Life

I have been spending the last few weeks trying to organize my work life, home life,  freelance life and social life. All of these things are important and necessary, and for awhile now I have felt like I am juggling them and not always successfully. I need to find a balance and a schedule that I can live with. The last couple of years I have felt out of control,[...]

Turntable Kitchen Box

Nothing Quite Like An Unexpected Gift

   Coming home from work today I got a wonderful surprise. My sister signed me up for gift subscription to Turntable Kitchen! I had never heard of them before so felt I needed to share it with everyone. Turntable Kitchen is a subscription box service that is connecting food and music. They send you a local, fresh ingredient and then pair recipes and a vinyl re[...]