Where the Heck Is Redhotwritinghood??

Can it seriously be that I haven't written a new blog post since September?What happened?!? I am rather PO'ed at myself for letting that much time go by. The truth is, time flies by too quickly and good intentions can get cast to the side so easily.I really have thought about my blog; posts I need to write, pictures I need to share, stories I need to get off of my ch[...]

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

A Lazy Saturday Just Spending Time Slowing Down

It is now the middle of September and the week off after the August Blogging Challenge has turned into 2 weeks off.I have missed writing posts but I really needed the time off for my personal life, I have a little bit of an issue with overworking myself. I went out and had a little fun with my husband and my daughter and caught up with some dear friends. Nothing like[...]

Day 31

August Blogging Challenge Day 31- End of the Challenge!

 It's DAY 31 and I have reached the end of my personal August Blogging Challenge.I can't believe I made it through the entire challenge. I was late on one day's post but I still managed to post every day. I really feel like this challenge was a huge success. Making myself write every day was a tad stressful but I think it was the perfect way to motivate myself. I lo[...]

JK Scrumpy Hard Apple Cider

My Other Favorite Apple Products

Here in the Birmingham area Beer is king. There are so many local breweries with more popping up all the time. I have been trying to get a taste for beer but I am not quite there yet. I am not a fan of bitter flavors and that seems to be the main ingredient in beer.My drink of choice right now though is that apple-ly (and sometimes other fruit) goodness, cider! Found[...]

IPhone App I Can't Live WIthout

Phone Apps You Can’t Live Without

 We take for granted all of the wonderful things technology does for us. How much it has changed since we were younger and how fast it changes even now. I can remember when they started adding cameras to cell phones and thinking to myself why would I need my phone to take pictures? Of course, back then the images were terrible and were not really worth it. Now thoug[...]

Cable Sucks

Cutting the Cable/Satelitte Cord

Getting rid of our cable was the best decision that we ever made. There was never anything on that wasn't total crap and we were so tired of flipping through channels over and over with nothing to watch. Most of the time we ended up leaving it on HGTV or Foodtv and just watching what ever happened to be on. We were paying close to $120 a month and that was wit[...]