IPhone App I Can't Live WIthout

Phone Apps You Can’t Live Without

We take for granted all of the wonderful things technology does for us. How much it has changed since we were younger and how fast it changes even now. I can remember when they started adding cameras to cell phones and thinking to myself why would I need my phone to take pictures? Of course back then the images were terrible and were not really worth it. Now thou[...]

Cable Sucks

Cutting the Cable/Satelitte Cord

Getting rid of our cable was the best decision that we ever made. There was never anything on that wasn't total crap and we were so tired of flipping through channels over and over with nothing to watch. Most of the time we ended up leaving it on HGTV or Foodtv and just watching what ever happened to be on. We were paying close to $120 a month and that was wit[...]

Time Management

Great Organization Tips for Work and Life

I have been spending the last few weeks trying to organize my work life, home life,  freelance life and social life. All of these things are important and necessary, and for awhile now I have felt like I am juggling them and not always successfully. I need to find a balance and a schedule that I can live with. The last couple of years I have felt out of control,[...]

Vintage Radio

I’m All Out Of Love For The Sweet November Rain…

Tonight we have a guest blogger... my husband a.k.a. Dan Martin a.k.a. TheTallCool1. Take it away baby! I'm not a music snob, but music has always played a big part in shaping my life. I'm the youngest of 5, and my parents grew up in the 30s and 40s, so the different musical styles, genres, and artists that influenced my tastes run the gamut from jazz, to rock,[...]

My Happy Place

Review of the Little Moments App

I am so tired from this weekend so this is going to be a short and sweet post :) I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am an app junkie! I love getting new apps and trying them out, especially iPhone photography apps. My new favorite find is the Little Moments app from our fellow blogger Fat Mum Slim![...]


Goodreads and I Joined a Book Club!

I've joined a book club.... yep and I am going to actually read them all too! I don't know if you have checked out Goodreads before but it is the best book and reading site on the web, at least according to my opinion. Their mobile apps are pretty awesome as well. I have never joined a book club before but have always wanted to try it out. I have joined the book cl[...]


New Orlean’s Why I Love You…

One of Our Favorite Cities to Visit New Orleans, Louisiana! The sites, the sounds, the food.... the drinks! It makes this unique place a destination not to miss. I do have friends who live close by so it is always nice to visit with her and her family. We try to make the trip at least once a year as a family vacation. I know a lot of people visit the city for Bo[...]


My Dietbet Review

Dietbet is a cool way of losing weight and having a little fun in the way of placing a little friendly wager between you and your friends. The goal is to meet a preset percentage of weight you have to lose and if you do and others on the team do not then you get their share of the pot. We started our Dietbet on September 17th by @Inelegant_Life and we had 2[...]


Trying Out Dietbet… 28 Day To Go!

One of my awesome Twitter friends @Inelegant_Life invited me to take part in a cool new way to lose weight called Dietbet. Dietbet lets you and others make a bet that you can lose a specified amount of weight in 1 month. For our Dietbet we have 28 days to lose 4% of our body weight. Everyone who makes this goal gets to split the pot, if you are the only one than you[...]