eating right

Adobe Max 2014

Getting Ready for Los Angeles

I have the opportunity in October to go to the Adobe Max conference in Los Angeles.  I will be staying for a whole 5 days and I am completely stoked. As a designer there are not many companies that are held with higher regard then Adobe. They are the makers of some of the greatest design/art software programs on the market. I will get to network with 5000 othe[...]

Getting in Shape

Week 2 – In Review

This past week went pretty well. I stayed consistent in some areas but still need a lot of work in others. I went down .4 lbs which is still a lose and I will gladly take it. I was also voted a Spark People motivator! Yay! by my fellow Spark members and I can't tell you how much that meant to me. It is such an honor to know that others think that you inspire them. If[...]