Throwback Thursday! 90s Music Edition

A Little Throwback Thursday! The Musical 90s Edition

The company I work for is launching their social media campaign tomorrow morning so I spent the entire day today running around like a crazy person creating a profile and cover images in every size imaginable. I can only imagine what tomorrow morning is going to be like.I am too exhausted to write, all I need is a stiff drink and a good night's sleep!I don't normally[...]

Vintage Radio

I’m All Out Of Love For The Sweet November Rain…

Tonight we have a guest blogger... my husband a.k.a. Dan Martin a.k.a. TheTallCool1. Take it away baby! I'm not a music snob, but music has always played a big part in shaping my life. I'm the youngest of 5, and my parents grew up in the 30s and 40s, so the different musical styles, genres, and artists that influenced my tastes run the gamut from jazz, to rock,[...]

Turntable Kitchen Box

Nothing Quite Like An Unexpected Gift

   Coming home from work today I got a wonderful surprise. My sister signed me up for gift subscription to Turntable Kitchen! I had never heard of them before so felt I needed to share it with everyone. Turntable Kitchen is a subscription box service that is connecting food and music. They send you a local, fresh ingredient and then pair recipes and a vinyl re[...]