The Traveler’s Notebook: My New Addiction

I may have found my new addiction.It has all the red flags of a paycheck drain, gorgeous leather (oh how I love the smell of leather), amazing beautiful colored paper, little inserts that are nothing but blank canvases begging to be drawn and written upon, every kind of gizmo and gadget you could ever need to customize it for even the most advanced organizer (hem...[...]


It’s A Lifestyle Change

So I am doing the Dietbet and so far so good. I am down 6 lbs from the initial weigh-in. There are some hardcore woman competing with me so I am still only in 4th place!?! I haven't been good on my exercise, so this week that is going to be my new challenge. Start waking up early again and get in that morning workout. I am also challenging myself to not drink coff[...]


Watching the Sun Rise

I have not been a good wanna-be-athelete the last few weeks... not even a little bit. I have had every intention of going out walking each morning but with the weather and staying up way too late and every other reason I can come up with, it has not happened... Today though my alarm went off at 5:45 and instead of pushing snooze 20 times, I pulled myself out of[...]

Getting in Shape

Making Healthy Choices

This has been a really strange year so far. I started off about 40 lbs. lighter than I am now. It has been a real struggle to get a handle on my health since having 5 hand surgeries this past year. I have also had a job change where I went from moving around all the time to now working at a desk the entire day. Don't get me wrong, I love my new job and have n[...]