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It’s A Lifestyle Change

So I am doing the Dietbet and so far so good. I am down 6 lbs from the initial weigh-in. There are some hardcore woman competing with me so I am still only in 4th place!?! I haven’t been good on my exercise, so this week that is going to be my new challenge. Start waking up early again and get in that morning workout.

I am also challenging myself to not drink coffee…. I know for me that is torture! I miss you @Starbucks!! I am also trying to avoid alcohol for a while. I know what my weakness is in weight gain and it is most definitely sugar. I can eat carbs and meat and dairy no problem but you give me a grande white chocolate mocha and you can literally watch my ass grow. I will probably be a total crank during this challenge but I want to get where I am not making alcohol and coffee drinks a habit but more of a special occasion thing. I could never fully give up either… that I know. I am a martini and Starbucks girl through ‘n’ through.

I have to accomplish this though… I have a little secret… MY CLOTHES AREN”T FITTING ME ANYMORE!! I had lost a lot of weight and gave all of my fat clothes to goodwill and bought a gorgeous new wardrobe. Beautiful sundresses, cute skirts and sexy tops and I can’t fit any of them!!! So now I have a few items that I can barely squeeze into and I refuse to buy new clothes. I am going to lose this weight and get back to where I was if it kills me. I know, may not be the healthiest approach but it is the approach I am taking. Tough love!!

The truth of it is that I know how to be healthy and to make the right choices, I just let myself slide back to where I used to be. It is all a matter of moderation and I have not being keeping myself in line. I really don’t believe in dieting, I think it never truly works. You must change your lifestyle and that is the route I am taking. So for now… no coffee and no martinis… I will thank myself for it soon enough. I WILL!!

Some great health sites to check out!

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  1. Are you reading my mind? Be honest.

    I agree with you about dieting….not a big fan myself, and I know it takes lifestyle change to get results. I also know that I need a lifestyle change or two for some health improvements. But you are crazy, crazy for cutting out coffee AND alcohol. It would be a serious change for me to cut out one, but two is plain nuts. Still, I wish you lots of luck.

    1. I’m not completely shunning it lol. I just want it to be more of an occasional thing. I have been enjoying it way to much lately and sugar seems to bee my enemy. I guess I could go coffee black and liquor straight but where’s the fun in that!!

  2. I have given up coffee a few times in my life. It’ much harder for me to give up coffee than alcohol. You know your body though and so you know best what to do. I am sure you will be fitting back into your gorgeous clothes pretty soon. That will make it all worth it!

    1. I hope so! I am so made at myself because I couldn’t wear my sundresses all summer but I will be back in them by next summer. I am determined!

    1. Oh my gosh yes! It was really hard the first week, but it seems to get easier as you go along.

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