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10 Free Stock Photo Sites

10 Free Stock Photo Sites for Use in Your Blog Posts

10 Free Stock Photo Sites Never underestimate the power of a good image! If at all possible, it is best to use images you take yourself. They have a more personal feel and you don’t have to worry about pesky copyright issues… but sometimes you need to use a stock photo. You have to get a post out NOW, your in a crunch and you don’t have the time to work in a photoshoot. Free stock photo sites to the rescue!  
Night Gazstation Road
Night Gazstation Road ~ Life of Pix
  So many stock photo sites have popped up in recent years and more and more of them are starting to have more unstocky type photos. You can add them to your post and still keep that natural feel. The following free stock image sites actually have images you will love to use!
  1. – Beautiful free stock photos free from copyright restrictions. Great search feature!
  2. Gratisography – One of my personal favorites. The images on this site are more artistic and they are just plain fun. I stockpile these pictures for future use! They also let you know when they add new images.
  3. Unsplash – One of my personal favs! The images are stunning and they even allow you to contribute images if you want to help share the wealth.
  4. Negative Space – releases 20 new photos each week. Photos are searchable by category, copy space and color.
  5. Splitshire – Amazing copyright free images, that look like real photographs.
  6. Death to the Stock Photo – This site sends images monthly to your inbox
  7. Life of Pix – Free high-resolution professional quality photos with no copyrights restrictions and they add new images weekly.
  8. New Old Stock – Another personal favorite. This site has vintage photos from the public archive.
  9. Superfamous – I love this site for organic images and textures. Great for playing around in Photoshop!
  10. picjumbo – Great photo resource.
There are a lot more sites as well, but I will have to share those in a later post.  
Image found on Negative Space
Image found on Negative Space
  Do you have any favorite free sites that I didn’t have listed here?

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    1. I understand! I try to take pictures but sometime you just do not have the time!

  1. What great resources! Thank you for sharing. I often need a stock photo and appreciate them more when they aren’t “stocky”

    1. So true and they can be really hard to find. I will write future posts with more resources so please stop by again.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will try to post more helpful resources again soon!

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