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Time Management

Great Organization Tips for Work and Life

Time Management

I have been spending the last few weeks trying to organize my work life, home life,  freelance life and social life. All of these things are important and necessary, and for awhile now I have felt like I am juggling them and not always successfully. I need to find a balance and a schedule that I can live with.

The last couple of years I have felt out of control,  I am forgetting things and just plain procrastinating others. I think it is because I am so organized at work that I let things going in my personal life.

I have downloaded a few apps to help me with organization. I like apps because they synch between devices so you can use them anywhere.

For My Work Life:


  • Wunderlist is by far my favorite to do list app. It lets you keep simple to dos but also works wonderful for project management, keeping your self on task and focused on what you need to do next.
For My Personal Life:

  • I use on my phone as a quick personal to do list. It lets you set times for when an item is due like: today, tomorrow, in 2 days, next week and someday.
For My Freelance Life:

Google Business

  • I have also moved my business email to Google Business. They have awesome apps to help with organization, scheduling, invoicing and a million other things. Definitely worth the effort of setting up. I am still a newbie with it but I am working on learning all of the tricks.
For My Social Life:

I am still working on this one. Currently I am using Facebook. It seems to be the place that everyone posts their events and it integrates with my iCal so it shows what is coming up. I would love something better so I am still on the hunt for this one.

What do you use to keep your life balanced?

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