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My Dietbet Review

Dietbet is a cool way of losing weight and having a little fun in the way of placing a little friendly wager between you and your


friends. The goal is to meet a preset percentage of weight you have to lose and if you do and others on the team do not then you get their share of the pot.

We started our Dietbet on September 17th by @Inelegant_Life and we had 28 days to lose 4% of our body weight. To join we had to pay $40 dollars and we ended up with 8 players and a pot of  $320. I will not say that it was easy…. I have really lost all of my self control! I had some cheating days and a few breakdowns but I did end up one of the winners of our team. 6 of the 8 players met their goals so I ended up winning $53.33 (Dietbet does take a small percentage of each players fee). With the winning you can either use it to enter another Dietbet or you can cash it out and they will send the money back to your Paypal account.

Overall I really enjoyed the Dietbet. It was new experience and it really makes you want to win so you don’t lose your money. Plus you see the other on your team weighing in and how close they are to their goals and it can either make you push harder or just give up. I would definitely try it again but I think it would be a lot more fun with a large group of people participating (and a larger pot!).

On a personal note, I am still struggling with getting on the right track with my weight loss. It is a lot harder than it has been in the past…. I’m not really sure why though.I seem to be gaining and losing the same 10 lbs over and over again. I know how to do it, I have done it before. I just have this urge where I want what I know I shouldn’t have and I tell myself “I’ll be good tomorrow, right now I’ll eat it, but tomorrow I’ll be good”. I don’t want to do that any more. I am going to start keeping a food diary of what I eat, that is such a good way to keep on track and I am going to start exercising everyday! I love getting out and walking an enjoying the outdoors. I need to just do it!!

You can read my blog when our Dietbet began below:

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  1. Thanks for writing about dietbet. I have been really curious about it. I have the same problem with the 10 pounds. I gain it and lose it. I have been sitting at the computer so much more than I used to and all of that sitting is taking a toll. I need to get out and exercise more. I can see how betting can help motivate you into action. I’ve noticed as I get older I am less worried about looking good and more worried about being strong and in shape. I want to live a long time! In the past I would cut calories instead of focusing on muscle tone…now I am more focused on building muscle. I just need to cut down on all of this sitting! Maybe I will make myself one of those standing computer stations.

    1. I think you would really enjoy it, especially if you don’t mind some healthy competition. I know what you mean about focusing less on weight and more on health. Weight is only a number and muscle weighs more than fat.

  2. I just learned about DietBet today via RunKeeper and have decided to give it a shot. While digging around for reviews, who should I stumble upon? The one and only redhotwritinghood. Small world.

    There a RunKeeper completion with a steadily growing pot right now, if you’re ready to try it again. It’s a $30 entry. The pot is up to a few thousand dollars so far.

    1. See I need to check my blog posts more often 🙂 Just saw your comment. How did you do?

          1. It’s not going to happen this time. I’ve only got until Sunday to lose about 10 lbs.

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