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JK Scrumpy Hard Apple Cider

My Other Favorite Apple Products

Ciderboys Peach CountryHere in the Birmingham area Beer is king. There are so many local breweries with more popping up all the time. I have been trying to get a taste for beer but I am not quite there yet. I am not a fan of bitter flavors and that seems to be the main ingredient in beer.

My drink of choice right now though is that apple-ly (and sometimes other fruit) goodness, cider! Found all over Europe it is now growing in popularity in the U.S. We are starting to see more and more brands becoming available.

Now there are many different kinds of cider and similar to beer there are your grocery store yuck brands and then there are the amazing organic craft and local ciders. Apples like grapes can range from sweet and sour to tart and bitter.

I introduced to cider about 2 years ago. I started off with your basic Woodchuck cider, they have a lot of different flavors which are pretty good but not my favorite.

Ace Cider PineappleHere are my current top 5 favorite ciders:
  1. JK Scrumpy (Hard Apple Cider): This is more on the sweet apple side. You will completely forget you’re drinking alcohol. My husband calls it a dangerous habit.
  2. Ciderboys Peach Country (Apple Peach Hard Cider): Just found the awesomeness! Perfect blend and not too sweet. Also have First Press, Strawberry Magic, Cranberry Road, Mad Bark, Raspberry Smash, and Pineapple Hula. All are a mix of apple and other flavors. Flavors are only available for parts of the year.
  3. AceJK Scrumpy Hard Apple Cider Pineapple Hard Cider: Another new find. More tart and not as sweet. Wonderful ice-cold! They also have Apple, Apple-Honey, Perry (pear), Berry (blackberry), Pumpkin, and Joker.
  4. Angry Orchard The Muse and Iceman: The bottles alone are awesome. Each has a distinct flavor and comes in large bottles. Love these!
  5. Original Sin Hard Cider: Dying to try their Cherry Tree!
Angry Orchard The MuseAngry Orchard Iceman
Ciders I am still on the lookout for:

Another wonderful alcoholic treat… HARD ROOT BEER! Pour that baby over ice cream and you have entered root beer float nirvana!

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  1. That Ace Pineapple is one of my favorites! I tried it when I was in Pensacola earlier this summer, where have you seen it in Birmingham?

    Another you might want to try is Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider. It is delicious! (Which I believe Crispin bought out recently and it may say Crispin instead of Fox Barrell.) I have found it at the Raceway in Trussville, World of Beer, On Tap and Jack Brown’s. Also, if you like root beer….then there is a hard root beer made by Sprecher that is wonderful.

    1. I found the Ace Pineapple at Raceway in Trussville. That is also where I found the Ciderboys. Love that store! They really do have the best selection! Where else do you like to go? I have had the Sprecher Root Beer, its awesome. They sell that at J Clyde and you can have it over ice cream… heaven in a glass.

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