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New Orlean’s Why I Love You…

One of Our Favorite Cities to Visit
New Orleans, Louisiana!

Fortune_Teller_Jackson_SquareThe sites, the sounds, the food…. the drinks! It makes this unique place a destination not to miss. I do have friends who live close by so it is always nice to visit with her and her family.

We try to make the trip at least once a year as a family vacation. I know a lot of people visit the city for Bourbon Street and all of the partying and debauchery that happens there but that isn’t our kind of New Orleans. We love the art and the street performers, the fortune tellers and the voodoo shops, the history and the ghost stories, and of course the many wonderful shops and restaurants. There is just so much to see you couldn’t possibly see it all in one visit. It really is different from any other place on earth.

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The Weather Was Divine!

New_Orlean_CityOur trip this year was last week for spring break. The weather was beautiful, mid to high 70’s…. so much nicer than this second winter we are having in Alabama right now. Even the nights were perfect! We rode the little bike cabs all over the city. The girls had a great time flirting with the drivers….. at least one in particular. I think the drivers fought over who would take us when we called for a ride. They all at least knew us by name by the end.

We brought a friend of my daughters with us, it was her first time to the city so of course she needed her fortune read. We always look for the same fortune-teller every time we go, she just seems to look the part.

 What A View!

New_Orleans_TashaWe stayed at the historic Hotel Monteleone and our last day we stayed at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal, we added an extra day and our first hotel ended up being booked. The Monteleone is a stunningly beautiful hotel. Ornate and of course haunted as so many of the buildings there. It has an awesome Carousel bar that slowly spins while you drink. The kids liked it but I think it might have been a little to fancy for their taste.

We absolutely loved the Sheraton on Canal Street! We stayed on the 37th floor and your ears literally popped every time you took the elevator up or down lol! I of course loved it because there was a Starbucks in the lobby!!


Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Horse_Ride_New_OrleansWe love taking the guided tours! This time we opted for the horse carriage ride. Tours are one of the best ways to really experience the city. The guides are always incredibly knowledgeable about New Orleans history and we find it all fascinating. The architecture is stunning and so colorful.

One of our favorites is the Lalaurie Mansion and the story of Delphine Lalaurie. If you ever look up one historical story about the city that should be the one. The house is of course gorgeous and has been owned by Nicholas Cage and now the one and only Johnny Depp but the history is worse than any horror movie you could ever imagine. I get shivers just thinking about it! It is one of the most haunted places in the city and for good reason.

Lalaurie_Mansion_New_Orleans Doggit Ghost_Tour_Lalaurie_Mansion_New_Orleans

This is a picture of the Lalaurie Mansion at night on our Ghost Tour. The ghosts were quiet tonight but that railing that you see in the picture is where her servant plummeted to her death to get away from her psycho mistress Delphine Lalaurie…. but that isn’t even the worst of what happened there!

So Much to See and Do…. and Eat!

French_Quarter_CrocI must say though that our favorite part about New Orleans is the wonderful restaurants and the shops!!
Here is a short list of must try places that we enjoy.

  • Cafe Du Monde – The best beignets in town and hey it’s a tradition!
  • Irene’s Cuisine – One of our favorite restaurants any where! Everything made from scratch and you will leave feeling like family. A little fine dining and can have a wait but so worth it!!
  • Pere Antoine – The ABSOLUTE best Bloody Mary you will ever drink!!!
  • Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar – Better hurricanes than Pat O’Brien’s by far!! Oldest continuous bar in the US…. doesn’t even have electricity, everything is lit with oil lamps. The atmosphere is amazing and it is even haunted. We didn’t go this time because they were filming a movie in it and it was closed to public. Boo!
  • Crescent City Brewhouse – House made beers and amazing food!
  • The Old Coffee Pot – Best breakfast and a server that makes the dining experience memorable! The Lost Bread and Calla Cakes are awesome!
  • Turtle Bay (Decatur Street) – We love this place! It is a bar and it is definitely bar food but it is amazing bar food and great drinks. We stop by this place a few time when we go. Open 24 hours too!
  • Praline Connection (Frenchmen’s Street) – Excellent food and yummy fresh pralines! Try the fried pickles!
  • Central Grocery – Home of the Muffuletta and a great one at that.

I am sure there are a million others. Share some with me if you have some others that are your favorite.

Ok this post is getting lengthy….. there is just so much to see!! If you haven’t gone you really should. There is so much more than Bourbon Street! I will leave you with a few more pictures and a video of my daughter being the lovely assistant to a Magician street performer in Jackson Square.





Street performer in Jackson Square in
in the French Quarter.


St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square
in the heart of the French
Quarter of New Orleans.


Artist Market on Frenchmen’s Street in New Orleans.


Cool glowing chairs at the Artist Market.


Tasha invading personal space as always

Dogit The_Martins_New_Orleans

The Martin’s New Orleans 2013!

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  1. I looooove NOLA. All for the food and atmosphere. I also stayed at the Sheraton!

    Now I really want to go back!!

    1. I know what you mean. I didn’t want to come home. The weather was perfect! But of course I think if I lived there I would be in trouble. Way too much great food!

  2. Wow! That was awesome. I’ve always been too afraid to go to NOLA. But you made it sound worthwhile. That street performer looked awesome. And glow chairs? Oh yeah, I have to go now! I would like the same kind of things you mentioned; the history and stories, the shops, and food. Thanks for the write up! That was fun to read.

    1. I was afraid to go too. The only impression I had of it was girls flashing their boobs for beads and drunks passed out on the street lol. But my husband talked me into it and I really enjoyed it. I think you will be happy you went! Especially since you enjoy some shopping 🙂

    1. You won’t be disappointed! I love the city! There is just so much to do. We still have quite a bit of things we still haven’t seen yet.

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