august blogging challenge

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

A Lazy Saturday Just Spending Time Slowing Down

It is now the middle of September and the week off after the August Blogging Challenge has turned into 2 weeks off. I have missed writing posts but I really needed the time off for my personal life, I have a little bit of an issue with overworking myself. I went out and had a little fun with my husband and my daughter and caught up with some dear friends. Nothing lik[...]

Day 31

August Blogging Challenge Day 31- End of the Challenge!

Its DAY 31 and I have reached the end of my personal August Blogging Challenge. I can't believe I made it through the entire challenge. I was late on one day's post but I still managed to post every day. I really feel like this challenge was a huge success. Making myself write everyday was a tad stressful but I think it was the perfect way to motivate myself. I lo[...]

Day 25 August Blogging Challenge

August Blogging Challenge Day 25 Check-In

DAY 25 AUGUST BLOGGING CHALLENGE I have reached day 25! I am almost to the end of my personal August blogging challenge. I have actually really enjoyed it. I'm finding it easier to write my posts. I still haven't learned to write at a descent hour though... I can't believe that I have less than a week to go! I have been brainstorming topics for some posts afte[...]