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Day 31

August Blogging Challenge Day 31- End of the Challenge!

Day 31

It’s DAY 31 and I have reached the end of my personal August Blogging Challenge.

I can’t believe I made it through the entire challenge. I was late on one day’s post but I still managed to post every day. I really feel like this challenge was a huge success. Making myself write every day was a tad stressful but I think it was the perfect way to motivate myself. I look forward to participating in other challenges in the future.

There are a few of my posts from this month that I am very proud of.  I tried to branch out and try different blog post styles, top 10, recipes, guest blogs, reviews, etc… So many sweet people shared my posts online and that made my day.

I am still working on my official blogging calendar and I really think I am going to try to post 3 posts a week. I don’t think I can do more than that without feeling overwhelmed. I am actually working on printable blog journal printables so keep an eye out for those!

Thank you for supporting me during my challenge and cheering me on! I look forward to reading your blog posts as well! 

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