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Neon Electric

Out Dancing To The Beat

Neon Electric


Had a great time at the Neon Electric Dance Party tonight at Bottletree in Birmingham, Alabama. It is an amazing group of local Veejays and DJs who perform their butts off to let everyone have a great time.

Tonight they were simul-casting their radio show on Birmingham Mountain Radio and the house was packed. My husband and I went and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We have been a couple of times before so we knew what to expect, great music, great show. It is a mix of 80’s New Wave and dance music, accompanied by an amazing video show. 


Now I am not in my 20s anymore so we were out a little later than we usually are. I will probably regret that last drink…. but it was worth it. If you haven’t gone to one of their show before then you need to go to their next!


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