Day 31

August Blogging Challenge Day 31- End of the Challenge!

 It's DAY 31 and I have reached the end of my personal August Blogging Challenge.I can't believe I made it through the entire challenge. I was late on one day's post but I still managed to post every day. I really feel like this challenge was a huge success. Making myself write every day was a tad stressful but I think it was the perfect way to motivate myself. I lo[...]

Day 10 August Blogging Challenge
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August Blogging Challenge 10 11 Day Check-In

Day 10 I mean 11 of my self-proclaimed August blogging challenge is here. I meant to do an update in yesterday's post and it completely slipped my mind. As I said in my previous post, I need to get organized! I am still trying to set up some kind of a blogging schedule. I think once this month is over I will not be blogging on a daily basis. I would like[...]

Cluttered Desk

My Personal Blogging Challenge

I know I may not always show it but I love to blog. I am horrible about setting time aside to do it... but I love it. It is a wonderful way to get my feeling and thoughts out and to de-stress myself. And believe me my life needs de-stressing! I found myself inspired by a recent post from fellow Birmingham blogger  Javacia of The Writeous Babe Project and See J[...]