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Lazy Saturday Afternoon

A Lazy Saturday Just Spending Time Slowing Down

Lazy Saturday Afternoon
It is now the middle of September and the week off after the August Blogging Challenge has turned into 2 weeks off.

I have missed writing posts but I really needed the time off for my personal life, I have a little bit of an issue with overworking myself. I went out and had a little fun with my husband and my daughter and caught up with some dear friends. Nothing like brunch and good conversation!

It is crazy how busy our lives are. Sometimes I wish we could get back to those simpler times, where the only thing we had to do on a weekend afternoon was to sit on the porch and enjoy mother nature. My husband and I sort of did that yesterday but instead of sitting on the porch, we sat on the couch, and instead of enjoying mother nature, we enjoyed a marathon of ABCs The Quest on HULU. I know probably not as sole cleansing as the porch…

I do NOT normally enjoy reality TV. I have really never understood the fascination of watching complete strangers try to get along while privately stabbing each other in the back or the bleeps covering up the endless tirades of F-bombs.

I guess The Quest appeals to my geeky side. The show is based on a fantasy realm where real actors play peasants and royalty in a magical land called Everealm. They enlist 12 normal everyday role-playing game fans to compete in a competition to be the one true hero who can save Everealm from their attackers. The 12 contestants (who are called paladins in the show) must learn horseback riding, archery, hand-to-hand combat, and a bunch of other skills to defeat their fellow opponents and Everealm’s foes. I was amazed at how ordinary people can get so engrossed in a role that it becomes reality to them, of course, the setting is a castle and the actors never break role and the executive producers worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy so the fantasy and CGI are pretty spot on. The contestants, start talking about the actors in the show like they are living real lives in Everealm. You can tell they are having the time of their lives. What geek wouldn’t love being transported into the game?

As far as ordinary people go too, the contestants were all wonderful. They helped each other and pulled for each other. It warms my heart to see strangers that kind to one another. It makes me proud of my fellow geeks. But then when you play role-playing games you have to work well with others.

It definitely had its cheesiness and my husband rolled his eyes a few times but then again he was the one controlling the remote so he was obviously enjoying it too.

This post wasn’t supposed to be about The Quest… LOL, but I guess there could be worse things.

Back to my original topic… How crazy busy our lives are. We enjoyed our lazy Saturday and only felt a little bad for not getting out and doing something outside. Then again we didn’t spend any money while watching our marathon so that is a win! and spending time with each other is also a big win! Today we put a rule on ourselves… no TV! At least until we get the cleaning and mowing and other things done. TV the waster of all time!

Side note: I think I have my blogging schedule planned out so look for more posts coming soon.

Do you watch reality TV? Have you watched The Quest?

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  1. It was really hot outside this weekend, so no loss there! Haha!

    I have not seen…or heard of the Quest. Sometimes….sometimes I might watch a little bit of the Kardashians when my husband isn’t around. Shhhh. I don’t know why? There is no reason that they should be so famous, and they really are just a mess. But maybe their crazy makes me feel normal? I dont know? I can’t help it.

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