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Where the Heck Is Redhotwritinghood??

Can it seriously be that I haven’t written a new blog post since September?

What happened?!? I am rather PO’ed at myself for letting that much time go by. The truth is, time flies by too quickly and good intentions can get cast to the side so easily.

I really have thought about my blog; posts I need to write, pictures I need to share, stories I need to get off of my chest but every week something would come up and keep me from writing. Sometimes it was just being busy, other times it was just sheer laziness. I am a bit of an introvert at times and I can hide from the world if you let me.

A lot has happened since my last post in September.

First, I went to Los Angeles in October for the Adobe Max Conference. What an amazing five days that was. The conference was fantastic! I learned so much in the hands-on classes, listened to inspiring artists like Jason SeilerAmi Vitale, and Lee Hirsch, and even got to see celebrities Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Weird Al Yankovich.

Surface Pro 3One of the major highlights of the event was during the Opening Ceremony when the CEOs of Microsoft and Adobe gave every attendee their very own Surface Pro 3! Can we say standing ovation from 5000 designers! I am using mine this very second to write this post so it is getting tried out. I am a huge Apple fan, but I promise to keep an open mind when I play with it. It came pre-loaded with Adobe Creative Cloud suite which can run the full programs as well as the new touch applications.

The week ended with the Adobe Max Bash party where we got to let off some steam. The party was insane! With interactive installations, amazing food and drinks, and a private concert with the Kings of Leon. This is one conference I can’t wait to go to again and hopefully I will get to go again soon! I have already begun begging my boss for next year’s event. If you can you need to go!


The second major thing that has happened since my last post is WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! My first home, that is mine, all mine…. well mine and Dan’s 🙂  I am really excited about this because it was on my Official Goals for 2015 list, a sort of New Year’s resolution list.

We spent all of January and February looking at houses. Soooooo many houses. I had this crazy notion that house hunting would be “fun”. (I blame you Property Brothers) NOPE! Not fun at all. Let me just tell all of you sellers out there, clean your house before you try to sell it and for gosh sakes hire an exterminator if you have bug problems, and if you refuse to do these things then lower your asking price because no one I know is going to pay what you are asking!

After a long search, we finally found our dream home and closed on it on March 23rd! Isn’t she pretty……

Our New House

Since we have purchased it we have been busy replacing garage door units, lights, door locks, refrigerators, etc……. Phew tired of just thinking about it. We are now moved in but are in the process of getting everything just the way we want it. I know everyone says this, but we plan on making this our forever home. I love it and it fits us so well. Plus Dan has his dream garage so I don’t think I could ever tear him away. I am excited about getting my office perfect and I now have a painting studio so I am so excited about that.

Now that the excitement level is back to normal I plan to start writing again. As well as getting back to doing art for the sheer sake of doing art. Not because I am getting paid but because I love it.

House warming party coming soon so come join us!

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  1. What a great update on the missing months of your life sweet daughter. You are a great writer, and I love you house. But I love you even more. Congrats on all the great events in your life. Hugs.

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