Alaskan Iceberg

Wordless Wednesday: The Alaska Edition

The below is a slideshow. Please wait for images to shuffle. All pictures were taken by my family while living or visiting Alaska. Travel Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Vacations[...]

Hard to Reach

10 Awesome Free Stock Image Sites for For Use in Your Blog Posts

Never underestimate the power of a good image to catch your viewer's eye! Some bloggers like to use images that they take themselves. They don't have to worry about copyright issues or the cost, stock images can be pretty pricey. Plus using your own can have a more personal feel. I actually prefer to use a mix. I'm a designer by day so I am continuously sco[...]


Art Happenings

I have been so busy lately working on things for other people, it seems like I have had no time to work on stuff for myself… including my blog! I wanted to post some of my art though. Here are a few of my favorite art pieces that I have created. "The Flasher"   read more[...]