10 Awesome Free Stock Image Sites for For Use in Your Blog Posts

Sunset Girl

PIN IT Sunset Girl – Stock image found on Unsplash.


Never underestimate the power of a good image to catch your viewer’s eye!

Some bloggers like to use images that they take themselves. They don’t have to worry about copyright issues or the cost, stock images can be pretty pricey. Plus using your own can have a more personal feel.

I actually prefer to use a mix. I’m a designer by day so I am continuously scouring the web for amazing images. I like stock images that don’t feel like stock images. I am a very visual person so an image can just grab me. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I also love iPhone photo apps so if I can utilize an image I have had fun creating than I am all for that as well.

Through the years I have come across a few resources that I would love to share with you. They are stock image sites that allow you to use their images freely. No memberships and at no cost. Now there are stock images sites that have been around for a while that are free but believe me  not all sites are created equal.

Hey Monkey

PIN IT Hey Monkey – Stock image found on New Old Stock.


The following free stock image sites actually have images you will love to use!

  1. Unsplash – One of my personal favs! The images are stunning and they even allow you to contribute images if you want to help share the wealth.
  2. Death to the Stock Photo – This site sends images monthly to your inbox
  3. Little Visuals – Sends 7 images every 7 days to your inbox but you can also download them from their site as well.
  4. New Old Stock – Another personal favorite. This site has vintage photos from the public archive.
  5. Superfamous – I love this site for organic images and textures. Great for playing around in Photoshop!
  6. The Pattern Library – Wonderful site to find patterns for headers and background for your blog, but really I just love playing with the user interface (UI).
  7. Gratisography – Another favorite. The images on this site are more artistic and they are just plain fun. I stock pile these pictures for future use! They also let you know when they add new images.
  8. IM Free – A curated collection of free resources. More than just photos as well.
  9. picjumbo – Great photo resource.
  10. Free Refe – Free mobile photos.
Hard to Reach

PIN IT Hard to Reach – Stock image found on Gratisography.


There are a lot more sites as well but I will have to share those in a later post.

Do you have any favorite free sites that I don’t have listed here?



  • Quirky Chrissy
    August 5, 2014

    This may be the greatest, single-most useful post I’ve read in a really long time.

    • redhot
      Quirky Chrissy
      August 5, 2014

      Thank you so much Chrissy. I am hoping on occasion to make future posts with useful links. I love when others share goodies!

      • Quirky Chrissy
        August 7, 2014

        Oh this will bookmarked for me until the end of time. Now, hopefully, I’ll have time to actually use it!

        • Quirky Chrissy
          Quirky Chrissy
          September 16, 2014

          I keep coming back here. You’re the best.

          • redhot
            Quirky Chrissy
            September 18, 2014

            I so glad you are enjoying the links. I will have to do another post and put up some more links for bloggers. I have quite a few great blogging resources.

    • angie5804
      Quirky Chrissy
      August 19, 2014

      I agree!!!!!

      • redhot
        August 20, 2014

        Thank you so much Angie!

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