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Review of the Little Moments App

Iphone camera

I am so tired from this weekend so this is going to be a short and sweet post 🙂 I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! 

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am an app junkie! I love getting new apps and trying them out, especially iPhone photography apps.

My new favorite find is the Little Moments app from our fellow blogger Fat Mum Slim!

It is a simple little photo editing app that has different filters to add to your images as well as the ability to add pre-designed messages and graphics or you can also add your own messages. Once you get the image looking they way you want it lets you save or upload the images to instagram and other photo sites. I found it very easy to use.

From what I can tell the filters and graphics are created from different individuals and then are available to download into the app. I had fun playing with this at the weddings this weekend and here are a few images that I created.

I love you always!My Happy Place

I didn’t spend a lot of time with these images and really just threw them together but I still like the way they turned out. I look forward to playing with it some more.

Do you have any favorite apps?

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