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Summer Weddings

Attention Alabama Brides

Wedding are beautiful. Weddings are romantic. Wedding fill you with joy. Weddings should not make you sweat to the point of passing out.

Summer Weddings

I happen to live in the wonderful state of Alabama. Alabama the beautiful! A place that is green and sunny and lots of outdoor splendor but I also live in a state where certain parts of the year it is almost unbearable to be in the outdoors, July and August are the prime examples of this. I am also a member of a family with lots of nieces and nephews who are all in their twenties and weddings are happening left and right and they seem to only be able to get married during the hottest months of the year. I have come to the point where I almost dread the next one.

For the Alabama brides out there this is for you……..
  • Do not have an outdoor wedding the middle of the summer. I beg you! I can assure you that all of the time you spent planning to make every moment memorable is completely lost when the only thing your guests are thinking about is how fast they can run away to get in the air conditioning and panicking because they are trying determine how long it takes for heat stroke to set in.
  • Do not have your wedding at the peak of the hottest part of the day with no visible shade in site.
  • And for the love of all things holy do not have your reception in that same miserable outdoor heat. How can you expect people to enjoy their meal when they are sweating like pigs in it and having hand-to-hand combat with the flies that are trying to cool off in your ambrosia salad.

For my sweet niece who got married today. I love you and you looked like an angel. I’m glad you found the man of your dreams because I am not coming to your next outdoor wedding. As for the wedding tomorrow, please for the love, be indoors!!!

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