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Art Happenings

I have been so busy lately working on things for other people, it seems like I have had no time to work on stuff for myself… including my blog! I wanted to post some of my art though. Here are a few of my favorite art pieces that I have created.

“The Flasher”


“The Flasher” – Mixed-Media

This piece was created with over 700, Black and White, 1×1″ square photographs. The label in the jacket reads I.C. London. It has a variety of images from whimsical, abstract and high fashion. Why this jacket is called “The Flasher” is because the entire inside of the jacket is full color nude photographs. I wanted to give the feeling of an unassuming black trench coat and someone flashing you their body.

“The Flasher” – Inside – Mixed Media
“The Flasher” – Inside Full – Mixed Media

This piece took months to create but was incredibly fun as well. I didn’t want the piece to have a pornagraphic feel so I only used nude images that were whimsical and artistic in nature. I also used both male and female and a wide variety of body types.

“Van Halen Chucks”

Another of my favorite art pieces is my Converse tennis shoe made of cardboard. I used the Van Halen guitar as inspiration for the piece and again it was so much fun to create. It is an oversized piece, around 3 feet in length.

Van Halen Chucks – Mixed Media

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    1. Thank you so much! You are too kind! It is on photo paper so even though it is wearable you would have a tough time bending and not destroying it. I have been approached about making it out of fabric but I hadn’t figure out exactly how to do that yet. I thought a rain slicker material would be pretty cool.

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