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6 Hours Late But The Challenge Is On

6 Hours Late But The Challenge Is On

6 Hours Late But The Challenge Is On

So I just woke up this morning in a complete “Oh NO!” panic… I completely forgot to write my blog post yesterday!

I went out with my husband and daughter last night for dessert and drinks, came home and it totally escaped me. I guess that means we had a really great time. I was too busy playing matchmaker…

I have been working so hard on this challenge to make a post every day for the entire month of August and I am not considering this a loss. Just an “I’m posting this but it’s 6 hours late.”

You don’t know how bad I want to change the publishing date on this. Nobody would notice, right? I mean I post up until midnight. Nobody would see it till morning. That little calendar in my sidebar that is pretty blue for each day that I post will have a glaring number standing out for the day I forgot. But I won’t do that. Part of a challenge is taking the struggles along with the victories. Plus I never have had perfect attendance in my life…

This was supposed to be my 21-day check-in as well since the 20 Day fell on Wordless Wednesday. So I guess this will be my status report. I have made it to day 22! It is a great accomplishment!

What’re a measly 6 hours? I promise to write again today so am I really missing a day? I will let you be the judge!

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