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IPhone App I Can't Live WIthout

Phone Apps You Can’t Live Without

IPhone App I Can't Live WIthout


We take for granted all of the wonderful things technology does for us. How much it has changed since we were younger and how fast it changes even now. I can remember when they started adding cameras to cell phones and thinking to myself why would I need my phone to take pictures? Of course, back then the images were terrible and were not really worth it. Now though you can take stunning photographs and even utilize impressive photo editing software on your mobile devices.

We read on them, we journal on them, heck we even blog on them. So it got me thinking. If I had to erase every app on my phone except five what would those five be?

The following apps I would choose are:

  1. Camera+ – the built-in camera on my iPhone is great but I love the features of this camera. It lets you chose where on the screen to focus and where to pull the lighting setting from. Has some great editing capabilities as well.
  2. Instagram – I don’t always post but I love seeing everyone’s pictures. I’m guessing I don’t have to explain this app to you.
  3. Tweetbot – My favorite Twitter-based app. The official Twitter app is improving and I may eventually go back to just using that but for now, it is the best.
  4. Spotify – A great free music streaming app. You can follow your favorite artists and add them to playlists or you can create radio stations based on your favorite music. They are great at suggesting new music you haven’t heard before. I also love the desktop app.
  5. Kindle – My favorite way to read a book now. I read a lot more than when I was reading from physical books. It is more portable and I can take it with me anywhere.

What apps can you not live without?

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  1. I may have to try tweetbot. I am using the Twitter app, but don’t know any different! I couldn’t live without Pinterest. It’s where I do most of my pinning!

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