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Trying the Blogsy App

If you’re like most of the people in my area you probably use Charter Communications as your internet provider. As such you have been experiencing my pain of the internet being completely out today and having no idea when it will be back on.

It makes it really tough to work on today’s blog post for my August Blogging challenge. I tried the WordPress app but I’m not really happy with that app. I am now writing this using the Blogsy app. So far so good. You can link it to many of your social sharing sites like Picasso, YouTube, and Flickr, plus your photo library on your device so you have access to lots of your images and media. I guess this will be my trial run.

I have started a new fitness challenge today #100fitdays by Spiffy Eats. 100 days of doing something healthy for yourself. It can be fitness, eating right, or going on a bike ride. You just give a status update weekly on the great healthy choices you have made. You can join the challenge on Spiffy Eats page.

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