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Dog Grooming

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Dog Grooming


Today I spent the day learning something new. Dog Grooming!

I have an 8-year-old Yorkie poo who has always hated to go to the groomers. She panics, gets frantic and I will admit I have had groomers tell me she is hard to handle.

She is the sweetest dog ever and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, but the sounds of the groomers with the dogs barking and the clippers send her into a complete panic.

She was starting to look like a big fuzzball and it has been 100 degrees so I know it is too hot for long hair. She needed a haircut. But I needed to do something different.

I always felt so guilty leaving her. I knew she would have hours of terror ahead. I tried to make it better and take her to the vet clinic, they would give her sedatives and that made it a little better but the cost OMG! It was well over $100 for a dog’s haircut!

I had enough! So we went out today and bought a professional mid-grade set of clippers on sale for $47 dollars at Petsmart and my daughter, my husband, my daughter’s boyfriend and I got busy and tried our hand at dog grooming.

It wasn’t too bad! It took forever… she was one fuzzy puppy. She didn’t like the clippers by her mouth or feet so on those areas we used scissors, but overall she did amazing. She got lots of hugs and kisses and as my husband calls it “baby talk”. She is now clean-shaven and happy.

The yard looks like we sheered a bunch of sheep!

I had hair everywhere… down my shirt, in my eyes and mouth. When we got done with the haircut my husband brought me a housecoat and turned off the back porch lights and I stripped out of my clothes LOL. I was that covered! Good thing we have a fenced-in backyard!

Here is Abby happy and cool for summer. Has a few stray hairs but for her first home cut not bad!

Dog Grooming

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  1. Teach me your ways! We have a malti-poo and I usually spend a few hours with him and some scissors. He has gotten impatient recently and I have a hard time getting all his fur cut in one sitting now without loosing my mind. I have been afraid to try the dogs groomer tools. Abby is looking good!

    1. I did her face and feet last because that scares her the most. I just had my kids help hold her down and bought a whisper quiet pair of clippers. That helped a lot. It was a lot easier then I thought it would be. Just try it out and let me know how it goes!

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