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Sloss Furnace Tunnel

Walking Down that Creepy Tunnel

Sloss Furnace Tunnerl

You feel your pulse quicken and your heartbeat pounds in your chest

Have you ever just entered a dark abandoned room or walked down a lonely hallway and the hair on the back of your neck stood up, or maybe you heard a strange sound you suddenly didn’t feel alone anymore. You feel your pulse quicken and your heartbeat pounds in your chest and all you can think about is running away….

One place that makes me feel that way every time I visit is the creepy underground tunnel at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. Sloss Furnaces is a steel mill that is no longer in operation as a steel mill but is open to visitors brave enough to explore and host events. They have music festivals, concerts, even weddings held there. They even host a huge haunted house every fall.

It really is a beautiful place, full of rusty goodness. I could walk around for hours taking photographs. You find something new every time you go. You can just feel the history and life that it used to hold.

Sloss Furnace Water Tower

If your into ghost hunting shows, quite a few have visited Sloss Furnaces.

Ghost Hunters (TAPS) [VO] – S06E23 – Sloss Furnace by Spider392

Ghost Adventures – Sloss Furnaces by f100003542948733

Blogging 101 challenge Day 11 – Creepy prompt #blogging101

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  1. This stories of this place make me squirley enough to stay away. I do look for postcards around town with pictures of it however. I participate in a hobby call postcrossing. ( and will often have requests for postcards of haunted places. This is a good one to send.

    1. It definitely is creepy but I still love to visit and check out the tunnel.

  2. The first picture gave me that creepy vibes, but the place sounds cool to visit. Have you been there many times?

    1. I have been there a few times. If you haven’t been I definitely suggest it!

    1. One of my favorite things when visiting a new place is going on the haunted tours. You always hear the best stories!

  3. I just love ‘rusty goodness’ – sounds fantastic. I’ll look out in case you post some more pics 🙂 I’ll never get further than Birmingham UK, had my hopes up in first few words. :)0

  4. I do too! I know those two places always get mixed up a lot. If you ever get to this Birmingham its worth a visit!

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