Watching the Sun Rise

The sun rising at Dublin Park this morning. Isn’t it beautiful!

I have not been a good wanna-be-athelete the last few weeks… not even a little bit. I have had every intention of going out walking each morning but with the weather and staying up way too late and every other reason I can come up with, it has not happened…

Today though my alarm went off at 5:45 and instead of pushing snooze 20 times, I pulled myself out of bed, and strapped on my tennis shoes. I proudly sported the lovely bed head and raccoon eyeliner eyes I woke up with and hit the pavement. It was nice and quiet so I didn’t shock anyone with my disheveled appearance thankfully lol. It took a little while for me to completely start functioning but I eventually woke up and enjoyed the beautiful morning. It was gorgeous out and the perfect weather, I couldn’t have asked for more. I was proud of myself I actually got up and saw the sun rise! This is a rarity for me really.

What made the morning awesome was my daughter even got up and her boyfriend came over and joined me as well. We ended up putting in 3+ miles and even got to chase a few ducks. I am actually extremely lucky, you pretty much step off my drive way and you are in a gorgeous park with walking trails, soccer fields, tennis courts… you name it! I guess that is why I feel so guilty when I don’t go because I really have not excuse.

Quack, Quack!

Now I just have to work on making this a habit again!

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