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Strength Training

The Sound of Achy Muscles

Strength Training

On my quest to get into shape before my trip to L.A. I decided to work on my fitness and do a little strength training. I was pretty proud of myself… I was working, I was getting my body moving… then I tried to walk today.

You never quite realize what a total wimp you are until you over do it. 20 minutes of work and days of pain. I think I will take the night off, I do have to be able to walk around work tomorrow.

I know if I keep at it though it will be nothing and I will push myself even further. My goal is to get back to walking 3 miles a day. I may have to wait till it is a tad cooler for walking outside. 100 degrees is not quite walking weather.

I am still wearing my FitBit and tracking my walking and sleep. I have been also using my SparkPeople page to track my fitness minutes and calorie intakes. I have been also trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. The farmers market has been my best friend lately.a

Overall I am happy with the changes I have made. I just need to keep with it and reach my goals.

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